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ADR Developments in Turkey in the Aftermath

Effective Mediation Advocacy - A Guide for Practitioners 3rd ed. Mediation Publishing Fwds: Rt Hon Lord Dyson MR; Irena Vanenkova

Preparing for Mediation - A Guide for Consumers Mediation Publishing

The Asia ADR Handbook Thomson Sweet & Maxwell (Hong Kong) chapter on Nepal

The Art of Commerical Mediation David Richbell gen ed. Bloomsbury; contributed chapter on evaluative mediation.

Effective Written Advocacy - A Guide for Practitioners 2nd edn Wildy, Simmonds & Hill

The Walking Guide to Lawyers London Fwd Lord Falconer LC 2nd edn Nova Law & Finance

The Court Guide 2011-2012 with Thomas Crockett PP Publishing

Small Claims Procedure in the County Court - A Practical Guide to Mediation and Litigation with HH Judge Patricia Pearl 5th edn Wildy, Simmonds and Hill

Mediation Advocacy 2nd edn Nova Law & Finance

Mediation Advocacy Nigeria Edition Fwd Mrs Justice Oke Xpl Professional Publishing

Mediation Advocacy Hong Kong Edition Fwd Justice Ribiera, Nova Law & Finance

Mediation Advocacy Indian Reprint Universal

Small Claims Procedure: A Practical Guide with HH Judge Pearl 4th edn Xpl Law

How Judges Decide Cases: Reading Writing and Analysing Judgments Practice edition, Xpl Publishing

Reading, Writing and Analysing Judgments Student edition Xpl

Mediation Advocacy with Alastair Hammerton, fwd Dyson LJ, Xpl Publishing

Influencing the Judicial Mind: Effective Written Advocacy in Practice Xpl Publishing

The Court Guide 2006-7 Oxford University Press

What's it Worth: Updated General Damages Awards in Non-Personal Injury Claims Vol.1 Property Related Claims EMIS

The Court Guide 2004-5 OUP

Professional Negligence and Liability Reports: Key Cases 1955-1995 Editorial Board, Sweet & Maxwell

The Walking Guide to Lawyers' London Fwd Lord Bingham LCJ Blackstone/OUP

2000 - 2003 The Court Guide Blackstone

The Prison Guide with Barbara Mensah, Blackstone

1987 - 1998 The Court Guide Blackstone

The Court Guide 1988 Blackstone

The Court Guide 1987 Blackstone

The Royal Courts of Justice Guide fwd. Lord Donaldson MR Longman

The New Court Guide Blackstone

The Bar Diary 1984 Sandman

The Bar Diary 1983 Sandman

The Bar Diary 1982 Sandman

The Court Guide Sweet & Maxwell

The Business Case for Mediation Advocacy Counsel Magazine Feb 16

Practical Preparation for Lawyers in ADR: Negotiation and Strategies within Mediation and Mediative Processes. ADR Commerical Law Journal of Nepal vol. 1

Mediating Property Disputes RICS Journal Spring - 08

Settlement Meetings and Resistance to Mediation JIPL Spring - 08

2012 Editorial Board The Jackson ADR Handbook OUP

2012 Editorial Board The Jackson ADR Handbook OUP

2006-2009 Inner Temple Yearbook

2005-2009 Series Editor, Professional Skills List, Xpl Professional Publishing

2005-2006 Professional Skills Editor 'Seneca /' EMIS

2004-2010 Book Review Editor PNBA Professional Negligence Law Review Thomson Sweet & Maxwell

2004 Series Editor, Company Commercial & Business List Xpl Professional Publishing

2002-2004 Consultant Editor The Journal of ADR, Mediation and Negotiation CLT Publishing

2002-2006 Editorial Board Advising Business Law: Law & Practice EMIS

1999-date Editorial Board Professional Negligence and Liability Reports Thomson Sweet & Maxwell

1988-1998 The Royal Courts of Justice Plans Quarterly, Legastat

1985-1990 Series Editor, Frank Cass Professional Journals: Professional Negligence; Computer Law and Practice; Media Law and Practice; Advertising Law and Practice; Insolvency Law and Practice; Trusts of Law and Practice; Child Care Law and Practice; Immigration and Nationality Law

1984-1986 Practitioner Editor, Journal of Media Law and Proctice Frank Cass

Practitioner Editor, Journal of Media Law and Practice Frank Cass

Gilbert & Sullivan's London 2nd edn Faber & Faber Fwd Mike Leigh

Gilbert & Sullivan's London Spellmount Fwd Sir Charles Mackerras

Gilbert & Sullivan at Law Associated Universities Press Fwd by Rt Hon Lord Elwyn-Jones LC