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'Holiday Violence' The Limits of Tour Operator Liability (1 Chancery Lane)

Author: Matthew Chapman QC

'Safe Trip:' Liability and Legionnaires' Disease (New Law Journal)

Co-Author: Matthew Chapman QC

'Holiday Violence' The Limits of Tour Operator Liability (Travel Law Quarterly)

Author: Matthew Chapman QC

'The Rome II Regulation and a 'European Law - Enforcement Area':' Harmony and Discord in the Assessment of Damages ([2010] JPIL 10)

Author: Matthew Chapman QC

'The Snail and the Ginger Beer: The Singular Case of Donoghue v Stevenson' (Wildy, Simmonds and Hill, 2009)

Author: Matthew Chapman QC

'Dearman v MyTravel UK Ltd: Case Note' ((2009) 73 PILJ 16)

Author: Matthew Chapman QC

'Fraudulent Claims' (Xpl 2008)

Author: Matthew Chapman QC

'The English Claimant' Accidents Abroad, Foreign Insurers and Applicable Law ((2008) 70 PILJ 6)

Author: Matthew Chapman QC

'All at Sea: Regulation 14 of the Package Travel etc Regulations 1992 and “appropriate” compensation' ((2006) ITLJ 7)

'What does the ABTA Judgment mean for Internet Sales?' ((2006) ITLJ 85)

'The Local Safety Standards Defence: Another Wrong Turn?' (forthcoming) ((2006) ITLJ)

'Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act: Connected Lender Liability & Foreign Transactions Part 11' (forthcoming) ((2005) ITLJ)

'Excursions and Ski Packs Revisited' ((2005) 1 ITLJ 7)

'Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974: Connected Lender Liability & Foreign Transactions' ((2004) ITLJ (i) 18)

'Excursions: Tour Operators and the negligence of local suppliers' ((2002) ITLJ)

'Chapter 15 of Tolley's International Tax Planning' (Immigration Controls in the United Kingdom) (2000, 4th ed.)

Author: Matthew Chapman QC

'The Fast Track and Personal Injury Claims' (CLT Professional Publishing, 1999)

'Common Law Contract and Consent: Signature and Objectivity' ((1998) 49 NILQ 363)

'Liability for Animals that cause Personal Injury: Historical Origins & Strict Liability under the Animals Act 1971' Personal Injury Bulletin (CLT Professional Publishing, 1998)