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Simon Readhead QC Case List

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CR (a child and protected party by her mother and litigation friend CRL) v West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

[2015] EWHC 1123 (QB)


Practice - Personal Injuries action - Damages - Assessment - Interim payment of damages - Claimant's claim for clinical negligence compromised at 75% of full value - Claimant awaiting trial for assessment of damages - Claimant applying for interim payment - Whether and to what extent interim payment to be awarded pre-trial – Defendant’s time for payment.

Haynes (a child, by her mother and Litigation friend Nicola Spratt) v Kingston Hospital NHS Trust

[2014] EWHC 2321; LTL 14/7/14


Practice- Personal Injuries action - Damages - Interim payment of damages - Claimant, eight-year old girl with profound disabilities seeking interim payment of £1.6m for accommodation following defendants' admitted negligence- Parties in dispute regarding future accommodation - Whether and to what extent interim payment should be made.

Amadou Nyang (a Protected Party by his Litigation Friend Ibraham Nyang) v G4S Care & Justice Services & 7 Others

[2013] EWHC 3496 (QB); LTL 18/12/2013


Negligence - Clinical Negligence - Personal Injury - Mental Health - Immigration - Breach Of Duty Of Care: Causation: Clinical Negligence: Detention Pending Deportation: Doctors : Immigration Removal Centres : Mental Disorder: Mental Health Assessments: Nurses: Paralysis: Professional Negligence: Self- Harm: Treatment Of Detainees In Immigration Removal Centre: Whether Failures To Cunduct Proper Mental Health Assessments Or Commence Further Assessment Process: Whether Negligence Causative of Detainee's Injuries From Self-Harm

R (on the application of Jane Laporte) v Chief Constable of Gloucestershire

LTL 13/12/2006; [2007] 2 WLR 46; [2006] UKHL 55; Times, December 14, 2006


Police decision to turn back coaches from RAF/USAF airbase - scope of police powers to control public demonstrations - effect of Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 sections 60 and section 60AA - whether action short of arrest justified when breach of the peace not sufficiently imminent to justify arrest - whether Albert v Lavin still good law - whether police had shown the least restriction necessary to rights of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly under ECHR articles (10) and (11) - whether preventive action against innocent person justified where no other means of preventing imminent breach of the peace.

The Official Solicitor v Allinson

LTL 18/5/2004


Failure by General Practitioner to diagnose high grade invasive ductal carcinoma in left breast - appropriateness of existing guidelines for General Practitioners when referring for specialist opinion - assistance to be derived from general clinical experience of other patients as opposed to clinical data - risk of bias in data when only small samples used - low diagnostic sensitivity of mammography in calculating rate of growth of particular grade of tumour.

Scholz v Whitely & Anor

LTL 26/6/2001


Foreign national suffering brain damage in road traffic accident in UK - relevance of failure to wear rear seat belt in 1996 - appropriate standards of care in South Africa and UK - appropriate system under which to assess future care requirements - relevance on award of damages of different tax treatments of damages in South Africa and UK - whether discount rate for multiplier should reflect probable increase in rate of tax in South Africa in the future.

Adeshina v King's Healthcare NHS Trust

LTL 25/1/2000


Death in pregnancy following spontaneous rupture of uterus - statistical incidence of spontaneous rupture in developed countries - degree of supervision required from consultant in major teaching hospital - whether different in District General Hospital - judge criticising unsubstantiated allegations by expert - circumstances when serious allegations such as perjury should appear in expert’s report

McGill v Addy

LTL 28/5/99


Road traffic accident - driver’s continuing duty to check mirror - approach by judge where no explanation as to why claimant had not seen defendant - whether judge entitled to rely on expert evidence over eyewitness evidence - observations on risk of mistaken perception by eyewitnesses.

Plitman v National Health Service Litigation Authority

LTL 10/11/98


Anaesthetic accident resulting in permanent vegetative state - assessment of general damages - approach to assessment of dependency in high wealth cases - assessment of likely tax rates on US income commuted to Switzerland and UK - recoverability of loans from US employer - recoverability of nursing costs in Israel where higher than in UK - deduction for personal expenses saved during hospitalisation - approach to dependency on earnings where children were beneficiaries of family trusts - whether charitable donations excluded from dependency.