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Johnson v Unisys Ltd

LTL 22/3/2001; [2003] 1 AC 518; [2001] 2 WLR 1076; [2001] 2 All ER 801; [2001] ICR 480; [2001] IRLR 279; Independent, March 29, 2001; Times, March 23, 2001 2001-03-22

The decision of the House of Lords in Addis v Gramophone Co Ltd (1909) AC 488 was not itself an obstacle to the recovery by an employee of damages for injured feelings, mental distress or damage to his reputation arising out of the manner of his dismissal where the cause of action relied upon was breach of an implied term concerning trust and confidence, rather than wrongful dismissal. However, such a newly-developed common law right could not satisfactorily coexist with the statutory right of an employee not to be unfairly dismissed.